Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our first blog

We cannot believe that we are already into June. In a few days we will have been here one month. Things have been busy and we are not having to worry about there being enough work for us to do.

Catherine is busy preparing to teach Choose to Wait and also working on editing a booklet that will be used to disciple young people. We are so excited about this new booklet. We are working with friends in the states to see about printing thousands of them. We also have a friend that is seeing if his company will ship them to us for free. God is so awesome and we are so excited about being able to participate in what He is doing here.

This past week I have been working with an architect from the Netherlands. He is putting our thoughts and ideas into plans. He is an amazing man and we are thanking God for his talents. With the plans that are being finished we will be able to complete the International Training Center modifications, we will have complete plans for the small homes we will be building in communities, and we will have plans for the Multi Purpose Ministry Centers (MPMC) that we will be using to minister to the communities.

Next week we will be traveling six hours north to a small town called Oshikuku. Catherine will be teaching teachers in the area Choose to Wait. I will be working on completing the MPMC that was built in that town. I will be completing some electrical, plumbing, tile, and installing a suspended ceiling.

We are doing well and have begun to adjust to life here. It is very pleasant and we love the people. Most people are very friendly and love to talk to you. We are making new friends and are looking forward to what God has instore for us.


Tom & Alice said...

Love hearing from the front lines. Please keep up the great job of communicating what God is doing in Africa. Your blog looks awesome. R U sure you are not 20-somethings?? Blessings.....Tom & Alice

steve adams said...

How wonderful to SEE and HEAR and be a part of your ministry. Both of you are so special to me and I will never forget our many hugs.

God bless you both real good,

Steve Adams