Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 3rd 2008

That is all we can say for those who took the time and the money to help get the items we asked Tom and Alice to bring to us. In the attached picture you will see a picture of Alice and Catherine showing all the items that were brought.
I can say that the tools were a blessing and will greatly help in the many projects that I will have to do while I am here. I have been amazed at how much work here is done by hand or with inferior equipment. I understand that you have to make do with what you have and with the money you have. You have helped make it a little easier to do some of the tasks that need to be done.
I am sharing the Starbuck’s coffee with those who come to our house and it is a blessing to see their faces light up to have a cup of freshly ground coffee. I even have shared my peanuts with our guests. The peanuts and the sunflower seeds have been a special treat from home that I will make last as long as possible.
There is a pastor that is working here that is from the United States and when I gave him a bag of Starbuck’s coffee he was overjoyed. He and his wife have missed the coffee from the states and I was happy that we were able to share what you all have given.The teaching aids will be a huge blessing in the schools and as we continue to develop relationships with the teachers we will have gifts to give them. The teachers are so happy to know that someone cares and that people would take the time to send them supplies. We will try to get pictures of the teachers with the supplies that have been sent.

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