Monday, November 24, 2008

What a Week

Last week was one of those weeks that after it is done and over you thank God because there is no way you could have made it on your own. Where do I start with how it was?

Okay let's start from the beginning and see how it goes. Monday was a good day and I felt that the rest of the week would be okay. Tuesday was not so bad; I had so many emails to respond to I felt like I was going to drown. I managed to get through them all and by the end of the day I felt good because I could see that I accomplished quite a bit.

Wednesday was when everything changed. Eric, coworker, asked me if I would be able to give the message at Manna church on Sunday because he could not find anyone else. I had already told him that if he could not find anyone else that I would gladly fill in for Sunday. I had really thought he would be able to find someone else. I completed my tasks for the morning and was heading home for lunch. I stopped by the store to buy a few things we needed at home. When I went out to the bakkie (truck) the key broke. It is the only key. God was watching over me though because when I looked up I saw Julius, coworker from Oshikuku, parked on the street. Julius ended up running me around for about three hours trying to get a new key. We eventually had success.

It had taken all afternoon to get a key so I could not do any more work that day. I went home exhausted and frazzled. I knew the enemy was trying to get to me. He almost did but God was always with me and I stayed calm and mangaged to begin working on my message for Sunday.

Thursday was crazy because I had to catch-up from Wednesday and I also had to fix some plumbing problems at the childrens ARK. We have had a lot of rain so there are leaks in the roof. Well we had to chip out the concrete wall to get to the pipes. The walls are solid concrete here so it takes much longer to find the leak let alone fix it. We managed to get to the pipes by the end of the day.

Friday we had to go back and continue working on the plumbing issue. We cut out all the old pipes and installed new pipes. We tested the water and there were no leaks but there was still water leaking somewhere because water was still leaking through to the first floor, which they call the ground floor. So we began chipping up the floor to get to the drain. Yes the floor is solid concrete also. We were able to get to the drain by the afternoon and fix the leaks there. We felt confindent that we got all the leaks.

Okay I have not worked on my message since Wednesday but I am so tired that we decide to just take the night off and watch a movie. Later that night Catherine was checking her emails and read an email from some friends who said that God had blessed them and that they wanted to help us buy a car. PRAISE THE LORD!!! What an answer to prayer!!! It was a good thing were both sitting down when she read it.

Saturday I went into Windhoek to look at vehicles. I took the bakkie and was excited to be looking for a vehicle for us. I met Berdian, coworker, and he took me around to at least 12 different used car dealerships. We finally found a good bakkie (truck). We went back to his house so I could drop him off and so I could head home. The new key I had made broke in the ignition.

This was about 11:00 am. It took until about 6:00pm to finally get the piece out of the ignition and to get a new key made. I finally got home about 8:00 pm.

Okay I am tired, exhausted, but I still have to finish my message for Sunday. As I reflected on the week I realized that the enemy had tried to take me out but God had been with me the whole week and had given me a piece that helped me endure everything that the enemy threw at me.

I was up till midnight but I got my message done and I did okay on Sunday. I had a few people come up to me afterwards and tell me how right on the message was for them. I told them I was only sharing what God placed on my heart. Needless to say I have preached twice now and led devotions several times. I even led a chapel service. God is streching me beyond anything I had ever imagined.

Okay I better wrap this up. But one final story. Today, Monday the 24th, I went to get some tools out of our garage to finish working on the plumbing problem. When I moved a box I saw something move on the floor. It was a scorpion!!! Okay that is the first time I ever saw one in the wild and he was mad. I killed him and attached is the picture. Oh the fun we have here. Talk to you all soon.

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