Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Namibian Family

Everywhere we go we meet brothers and sisters in Christ - those who are members of God's beautiful family. Namibia has given us more than ministry opportunity, we are amazed to discover that God has placed certain people in our path to work with, disciple and also to relax and have fun with. This week we took a day off to "play" with our Namibian boys - Clinton and Simon - and Annelies our Dutch adopted daughter. We went into town and did some shopping and then on the way home stopped at a local game park and took a tour. The boys had never seen anything like that before - Rhinos up close and personal! We tried to capture their expressions on camera - but it really doesn't do it justice. We had a blast! Oh by the way, this picture with Clinton and the Hyhena... it's not real. It was just part of the atmosphere in the restaurant. But we saw many real, live animals on the game drive. I'll post some of those pictures as well.

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