Saturday, April 17, 2010

When you least expect it!

I won't mention her name, but one of the volunteers here gave us a very nice card before she left. Her words caught us off guard. As we read tears filled our eyes. Her raw honestly and transparent sharing made us realize that we are having an impact on lives even when we are hanging out at home. It begs the question: "Who are you when the spotlight is off, and the audience leaves?" Here is an excerpt from her note to us:

"....I felt so lost and I think I lost my faith in true love. I needed proof from God that it is possible to be married and happy at the same time. And then I met you, I saw you interacting with each other, I saw your love for each other and I heard you, Catherine talking about your marriage in the Choose to Wait training. That all touched my heart and was exactly what I desperately needed. You made a difference in my life and the word. Thanks is not enough to express what it means to me!"

She is not Namibian and yet the Lord has used our relationship to encourage her in her faith and personal life. So... one never knows who is watching or listening. When you least expect it - God could use you to bless someone. Share the love my friends.... share the love!

Keep your eyes on this blog. I know when Tony returns from South Africa, he will have MUCH to share.

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