Monday, June 27, 2011

Check Up

We are so amazed at what God is doing in and through us since we listened to His call to go to Africa. We have been here over three years now. Yes it really has been more than three years. As we look back we thought we would take time to update you on those God brought across our path.

Simon to the left and Clinton on the right
Two young men have been in our circle of influence since the beginning -  Simon and Clinton. They were in school when we first got involved in their lives. We have mentored and discipled them, more directly by inviting them into our home. On weekends and school holidays they actually lived with us. God had us kind of adopt them into our family and they have become our Namibian sons (I never imagined we would have so many kids). Simon, completed Secondary school and now has a full time job and is doing very well at the company. The owners are friends of ours and attend our church. Simon has proven to be a very dedicated and hard working employee. He is sharing his faith with others and is a positive example for others to follow.

Just recently I started the second level discipleship class with the young men that completed the first level. Simon has joined that group since he completed the first level with Catherine and I in our home. He has also saved some money for lumber and tin siding and with a friend they have built their own home. Simon has continued to grow spiritually and we are encouraged as we watch him walk with the Father.

Clinton has also done well. He received high enough marks in school to qualify for university. He is attending classes and finding it a challenge to find funds to cover rent, tution, books, transportation and food expenses. We are praying for him and try to encourage him as much as possible. He is creative and innovative and will continue to do well as he follows his dreams.

I have worked with several other young men. Two are Polo and Ernesto. These two young men have been through discipleship with us and are challenged in their daily walks. I wish I could say that they have done everything right and are walking the straight and narrow path but I cannot. I am encouraged though because I see growth and they continually come back to seek council and prayer. The good news is that these two young men are working full time with a Christian company. They both still come around to share what is going on in their lives and we welcome them, encourage and pray with them.

Nhidipo and his Team leaders in Discipleship

These are just a few of the young men God has us working with. We wanted you to know  because we have shared their stories in the past and we feel it is important to share updates on those we introduce through our newsletters and blog. It is a treat for us to see fruit from the planting we have done, and the fruit is staying!

Before coming here the most rewarding job I had was working in construction. Every day I went to work I would see the fruit of my hard work. I could drive around San Diego and see buildings that I helped build. Now that I have been working here for three years I can walk down the street and see the fuit of the work we began just a few years ago. This is by far the best job I have ever had or will ever have. I love how God prepared us to be so well equipped for the ministry we are doing here.

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