Friday, September 2, 2011

The Swinging door

Ulrich on his last day
Our door welcomes many young people who have found themselves at the bottom of the hope barrell.  They have no prospect for further education or job opportunities.  Then we invite them to join us at YDM - Youth Discipleship and Mentoring.  Ulrich was one of the first to enter our program almost one year ago now.  He told us later that he only came to encourage his brother, but didn't expect that there would be any hope for him personally.  Not only did he complete the program with top marks and high recommendation, but we hired him here at the cafe.  That's how highly we think of this young man.  Just recently he was offered a full time job in a very good company, where he will have opportunity for advancement.  It's always difficult to say goodbye, but isn't this the reason we came?  To bring hope and tools to gain a more successful future.  So, it is with blessings that we said goodbye to Ulrich and pray the Lord continue to show Him favor and prosperity in his family and career. 

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Anneke Sikkema said...

Congrats, that is great news! Hope to visit you some time that I am back in Namibia! Hopefully within a few months...