Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Success Story!

Pamela proved her courage when she completed the very first YDM training as the only girl. She told us later that her mother encouraged and pushed her to go everyday, telling her that quitting was not an option.  Even though it was challenging being surrounded by males, she toughed it out and we hired her after the training.
Her tenacity and genuine love for God were evident, and her friendly personality helped shape her into a great server. Pamela worked at the cafe and helped train new students for about a year, then was recruited to work for a local fast food restaurant chain.
Just recently she heard of an opening for wait staff at a very large and successful tourist lodge so she applied.  Just hours after the interview she received a call that she was hired.  The company representative told her they encourage their staff to move up into higher positions if they prove themselves at the entry level.  The lodge provides transport to and from the city, housing, three meals each day, and a salary. She was thrilled of course!  It was like a dream come true. Pamela has been living with her five year old little girl, her mother, brother and mentally disabled adult sister.  Her mother has been the main bread-winner in the family as a maid for a local elementary school, and her brother works at a grocery store getting less than minimum wage. Finances are always tight.  This new job will give her some financial freedom.  She will work hard, save most of her money so she can help support her family.
Pamela said her mother reminded her to thank us.  She said that she never would have had this great opportunity had it not been for the Duran's and the YDM program.  And we thank all of our partners who have been so faithful to pray and financially support the program.  Through our team effort, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of Namibian youth and their families.

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TimDasa said...

This is an encourageging testimony.
The Lord will continue to make the seeds you planted to yield the desired fruits. Keep doing the good works.
God bless you.