Friday, August 2, 2013

Wow August already! Time does fly and we are so amazed at all that has been going on this year. There have been the usual ups and downs but through them all God has remained steady and faithful. He has continued to awe us at what He is doing and we are even more amazed that He allows us to be a part of what He is doing.

July was a busy month in many ways. We completed two large construction projects in the Cafe. The first project was to help and improve the kitchen. We received donations from partners to buy a under the counter refrigeration system. We purchased it and installed it in the kitchen the second week of July.

There was a bit of disorder as we had to remove an old counter and shelving unit to make room for the refrigeration system. As in any construction project there were challenges but with help and patience we were able to get everything completed in one weekend and be ready to open on Monday for business as usual.

The new refrigeration system helps replace the "dinosaur" that was sucking electricity and costing a lot of money to run and maintain. We also have a beautiful stainless steel work surface now which helps with the food preparation process.
Changes were made to the coffee bar area. We had a team of guys come in and help us change the set up so that we could maximize the space we have and to allow us to work more efficiently.
Along with these changes Rosalia is still attending chef courses and is very excited at what she is learning. She cannot wait to start teaching the other kitchen staff. She is even looking at the possibility of giving cooking classes to those in the community. It is so exciting to see her growing and wanting to use the skills God has given her to help others.

The physical changes are nice and were needed but the changes we continue to work toward are for lives to be changed. God is building a team of amazing people to help us. In the coming blogs, emails, Facebook entries we will introduce you to the team of amazing individuals that are reaching the youth of Namibia.

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