Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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Thoughts on the KP Summer Internship



Despite having grown up my entire childhood in the church, this summer was a huge wake-up call for me. It forced me to ask questions like: Is my life really all for God’s glory? Why do I obey God? What does it mean to live on mission? For someone who has never shared the Gospel before, this summer was a time of testing of faith and stepping out onto the waters, in the places where you accept the risk that the Holy Spirit simply has to show up – and God is always faithful!

 The teaching and the training prepares you for a summer with lots of time – the choice is what you will do with it. I found myself with an abundance of time, in which I had a choice to make. I could play games with the other team members and waste time every night, catch up with friends from home, and live in the normal routine. Or I could step into the waters of the unknown, which is simply being open and willing to whatever the Spirit asks of you. I found myself meeting new people and seeing in the spiritual realm, as I never had before, who God would be calling me to invest in. This summer was a long journey of learning, probably to a very simple level, what it means to give up control of my life, my time, and my fears.

 Sharing the Gospel for the first time to someone who has never heard, when led by the Spirit, may be one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. Never before have I been so aware of God’s voice and the leading of the Spirit to speak God’s heart for that person, not simply a generic version of the Gospel. God has called us to lift the curse the devil has laid on mankind and take a role in His work of reconciliation on earth, to return the world to its rightful place of submission to God’s throne. However, that can only be done when our lives are 100% in submission to God’s throne. This summer taught me to ask God daily, “Master, is your servant’s life in submission to your throne?” Growing up, I thought it my duty to obey God as a Christian; this summer has taught me that it is my privilege, because of God’s love for me, to obey God as His faithful follower.

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