Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas

How do we even begin to describe how happy we are. The truck you see pictured above is a Christmas present from some wonderful friends. We received an email from our friends in response to an email Catherine had sent out about us needing our own vehicle and asking for prayer.
The email said that they had been blessed and that they wanted to buy us a vehicle for Christmas. It was a good thing we were sitting down when we read that email. In fact we read it a couple more times to make sure we were actually reading what we thought we read.
It took a while to find a good vehicle and we were finally able to pick up our truck on December 12th. It is a 2003 Isuzu double cab. I know there are some of you in shock that I did not get a Toyota but in Namibia Toyota's are very expensive and the Isuzu is very good.
We are in awe at how God has provided for us over this past year. He has taken very good care of us and we are humbled to be able to serve Him here in Africa. Looking back we see how God has used us to reach so many people and as much as we give out we are never able to out give God.
We are also thankful for all of our family and friends who are helping us by praying for us. The prayers are the most valuable gift you can give us. We also are thankful for the emails and Skype conversations we have with some of you. Hearing from you is the second greatest gift you give us. Being so far from home it is nice to hear from you all so please keep in touch. Lastly we are extremely thankful for the financial support that we have received. The money we have been entrusted with has reached and touched so many lives. We have tried to share some of the stories here on our blog.

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