Sunday, March 1, 2009

God answers teacher and students' prayer

The first picture was taken outside where the Choose to Wait teachers are next to the chairs/desks after we unloaded them. The picture showing inside the classroom gives you an idea of what the 35+ students were using before the container sent these used chair/desks. Can you see the broken plastic chairs and pieces of desks that they put together to make-shift a learning setting? The only place to write was on the seat of the chair, while kneeling on the floor. It was so sad, I nearly cried the first time I visited the classroom.

The very first thing the teacher did after the desks were brought into the room, was ask all of the students to stand, fold their hands and give thanks to God for answered prayer. Of course he thanked me over and over, as did the principal (shown in the picture with me). This will be a huge improvement from the classroom setting they were making do with. Now this teacher and our Choose to Wait teachers can teach more effectively. Yes, God does answer prayer!

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