Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Construction in Oshikuku

Construction Fun
Where do I start??? There is so much that needs to be done to complete this building before the Grand Opening on July 27th. I have to install a suspended ceiling (which I have never done before), I have to repair several areas of tiled floor, I have to finish tiling the bathrooms, I have to install lights in every room of the building (did I say I am not an electrician), there is a ton of painting, there is plumbing that needs to be repaired (oh yeah I am not a plumber by trade), etc… If you are tired after just reading this just imagine how I feel.
I love every bit of the work I am doing though. I am working with some great people here and am impressed at how they do not give up and that they do not complain about any of the jobs we have to do. The day starts out with us doing devotions together and discussing what God’s word is saying to us. Today we were reading Eph. 2:14-22. We were discussing how we are no longer “strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God”. We were talking about how we are all equal as Christians and that we no longer measure ourselves using worldly standards. We agreed that we are all children of God and that we are servants to Him and each other.
Construction has been challenging because there is very limited funding available to complete the project. We received a donation of $450.00 US dollars and that is helping but we still need at least another $1,000.00 US dollars to complete the project here properly. We are trusting that God will supply what we need as we need it. Attached are some pictures of the construction process. We are making good progress and I am confident that we will complete the project by the second week of July. Please pray for safety, wisdom, health, and finances. God Bless!!!

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