Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Namibia Prayer and Fasting

WOW!!! From Sunday at 6:00 P.M. to Monday ant 6:00 P.M. all the ministries for Christ Hope in Nambia stopped and had a time of Prayer and Fasting. In fact once a month everyone working for Christ's Hope in Nambia attends a time of corporate Prayer and Fasting. There were just short of 30 people present. (See photos)

This month we were asked to lead the Prayer and Fasting. We were honored and what a time we had. We felt that God was asking us to talk about Spiritual Warfare. Catherine had created a study guide that she had used for womens ministry in the states so we used the same study guide for the Namibian staff and volunteers.

We had a great time. Everyone agreed that Spiritual Warfare was a great topic. The discussions were wonderful and the times of prayer where amazing. I believe everyone who attended was blessed and received encouragement.

One of the things we have heard a lot from those serving on the front lines in Africa is that they often feel alone and unappreciated. Hearing that from these servants of God just broke my heart. We have had the pleasure of encouraging so many of these great people and we want all our friends and family to know that each one of you have also encouraged these people by supporting us. You all are making a difference in the lives of so many people.

Today I (Tony) had the privilege of just listening to one of my co-workers share a praise report with me. The last couple of weeks had not been so good for this person and we have prayed with her on several occasions. But when this person approached me today they were beaming. God had answered the prayers we sent up to our Father. It was good to see a smile and tears of joy after so much pain and suffering.

Tomorrow we leave for Oshikuku which is up near the border of Angola. We will be there for at least three weeks. I will be working on putting the finishing touches on the Ministry Center there that will officially open on July 27th. Catherine will be working with teachers from some of the schools in the area on teaching Choose to Wait. We do not know what our Internet connection will be there but we will try to keep the blogs coming.

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