Thursday, April 14, 2011

Being His Hands and Feet

It is incredible to be a part of what God is doing. We have begun our seventh week of training with the nine students in our program. Getting to share life with them is the best way to show the love of our wonderful Father. Today, during our time of discipleship, we were talking about the role of the church. It was a very good discussion; we talked about how Christ is the head of the church and how we make up the body.

We were talking through verses such as Romans 12:4-8. Such verses help show them that they each have a gift and that their gift is not just for them, but for the church. We talked about what the gifts are and how we can use them. It was exciting to see their interactions with each other.

We discussed for a long time why it is important to be a part of a local church. I was asked this question: "How do I find a church where the people, who call themselves Christians, will not judge me with their eyes and the looks on their faces as I walk into the church?" This was and continues to be a tough question to answer.

As a Christian I cringed when this question came up because it is so true of many churches today. We may not even realize we are doing it, but if we are honest we have to acknowledge that it happens. We see someone that comes in and if they do not fit what we feel a "Christian" should look like we do not even approach that person. I know I have been guilty of it.

As I looked into Jessica's eyes I could see the longing to belong and pain so called "Christians" have caused. There is so much pain that she is afraid to step inside a church. I asked God for help and then shared that the best thing to do is to ask one of her friends, who go to church, if she could go with them. That way she will not be alone. I also told her that I would personally bring her to church if she would like to go.

My heart broke looking into her eyes and I felt the heart of God at that very moment. I ask myself how can God bear such incredible pain and suffering from so many of His children? The heartbreak I feel for her and others is almost unbearable. I thank God for the opportunity to pour His love into these precious children of His and pray that I can help them in their relationship with him who loves them so much.

Each day here is a gift and I look forward each morning to how God will use me. Pray that God will continue to give us the strength we need each day. Pray for the students we are blessed to work with. Pray that they will develop a relationship with their Father who loves them. Pray that they will become disciples.

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