Friday, April 15, 2011

When God Shows Up

This morning I decide to go to the Cafe early and do my devotions while having a nice cup of coffee. It was a sweet time just reading His word and listening to what God had for me. Julie showed up at about 7:30am and asked me if I had something for the devotion time with the students and staff. I sensed and saw that she had something to share with everyone today so I asked her if she wanted to and she said yes. Before the students came we just sat and talked. Tears were already forming in her eyes as she shared how God has been talking to her.

I knew God was already here and that the students and I were going to be blessed through what Julie had to share. As the students came in and took their seats around the circle, we said good morning and I asked who had something to share this morning. Then Julie announced that she did. She warned the students in advance that what she was going to share was not going to be easy and that she could not do it without crying. Tears were already rolling down her face.

I silently prayed for strength for her to be able to share what was on her heart. She shared about the condition of her heart towards God and others, and how she had not even realized how hardened she had allowed it to become because of several things that have happened to her. She shared how God was helping heal and soften her heart during her time here. Not many eyes were dry because her testimony was very powerful. She shared Isaiah 55 with us and explained the ways God spoke to her through the passage. God had given her that passage for us as well.

I knew God was working on more hearts in the circle. I felt prompted to ask if anyone else had anything to share and Sylvia raised her hand. My heart leaped in my chest. Sylvia is one of the girls who is still asking questions about God and her own relationship with Him. We had read Psalm 66 together yesterday and I had challenged each student to go home, read it again, and ask God to talk to them through it. Well, God talked to Sylvia in a big way. She began crying and in between tears she shared how God had been working in her life even when she was not following Him. She shared how she was involved in two different car accidents and how she should have been killed or seriously injured in both. She asked herself how she was able to walk away both times safely. Last night God told her that He was with her and that He had saved her.

God was not done yet. David another student shared how he had tried to take his life three times and how on the third time he made sure that he would not fail again, but God intervened. The wire, that he had so carefully constructed to do the job, broke. We thank God that he was not successful in taking his own life. David talked about how he knew it was God that had intervened in his life. David went on to encourage his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to be serious about their relationship with the Father.

It was an amazing time spent together. The presence of God was all around and it was hard to stop our time of devotion. We ended up opening the cafe late and customers were waiting outside the gate as we hurried to set the tables and get ready.

God, I thank you for all that you are doing in the lives of your children and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of all you are doing. It is an amazing journey that I look forward to each day.

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Judy said...

It is precious to see how God is working through you in the lives of these young people. Praise the Lord for His abundant grace. Happy Easster.
Love, Judy